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Welcome to the Digital Gateway

A gateway to a world of complex project management resources


A gateway to provide quick and easy access to a variety of resources using an intelligent web-crawler developed by CSIRO.


The Research Themes identified in the ICCPM Taskforce Report provide the methodology used for categorisation and cross-referencing of the search content.


The more the gateway is used the more responsive it will be to search patterns, new trends, individual user preferences and will bring to the surface those authors, institutions and publications of particular interest to the CPM community.


The Digital Gateway will not replicate other repositories but will trawl the web searching for the most relevant and useful resources to provide appropriate results and a positive experience for users.


All feedback is welcome, please click here to send through all comments and suggestions.


A little bit of history:

This exciting development is a collaboration between ICCPM, Queensland University of Technology (QUT), University of Technology Sydney (UTS), University of Sydney and CSIRO to improve access to complex project management and complexity research resources.