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Thales wins accreditation as health data hosting provider ...

Thales has gained official approval to host personal healthcare data collected by customer applications. The accreditation is effective from 7 January 2016 on a three-year renewable basis. French law1 requires outside providers to obtain official approval to host healthcare data. This new accreditation demonstrates Thales's ability to guarantee the rights of patients with respect to the security, protection, retention and retrieval of their personal healthcare data when it is hosted by an outside service provider as distinct from a healthcare professional or establishment. The accreditation process is extremely rigorous and includes compliance with some 100 new requirements - some of which we had already met as part of the ISO 20000 certification of our service centres and other specific security measures in place. The approval enables us to expand our hosting and IT outsourcing solutions business operating out of the Élancourt service centre. The first customer to benefit is Ramsay...
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